Simple Lease Management

Streamline and automate your lease management processes with intuitive software.

Data-Driven Decisions

Stay one step ahead with unrivalled insight into critical real estate data.

Simplify Diverse Portfolios

Support multiple locations, currencies and languages with a cross-border platform.

Horizon CRE -

If you’re tasked with managing real estate activities within your organisation, we understand that you’ll face various pressures and complexities.

These range from simply ensuring basic lease, transaction, and FM processes run correctly and accurately to a responsibility to meet reporting and accounting requirements.

Real estate departments demand software that provides instant access to key property information to achieve these objectives and can produce easy-to-understand KPI reports and dashboards.

In addition, staff expects technology with a familiar feel and ease of use. Horizon CRE delivers these benefits, and by empowering greater efficiency and productivity, it can help turn real estate to your advantage and assist in achieving your vision.

Flexible portfolio software

An end-to-end solution

Ease disparate data tensions and be confident in your approach to corporate real estate with full access to an unrivalled software suite with fully integrated leasing and property management functionality at your fingertips.

Financial compliance

Adapt to the challenges and complexities of lease accounting standards with IFRS16 accounting capabilities to stay on top of regulations and reduce risk. Eliminate human errors and get total control over your lease accounting needs.

Open & Connected

Adopt a solution designed specifically for occupiers, with development based on core real estate processes. Leverage a full suite of Occupier products within MRI Software’s product wheelhouse to action meaningful change across the entirety of your organisation.

Features include

Lease Accounting

Lease Accounting

Leverage technology to ensure compliance with accounting standards, and report on every lease detail in a flexible and sophisticated structure.

Manage any lease from property and equipment to fleet and airplanes on a single integrated platform with fully compliant lease accounting software. Meet core accounting and financial reporting regulations, including IASB IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842.

Lease Management

lease management software

Lease Management

Manage complex leases and terms for a mix of properties including industrial, office and retail. Simplify the complexity and reduce the risk of lease management with ease. Save money, make better decisions and avoid mistakes with MRI Horizon CRE.

Transaction Management

Transaction Management

Manage your leasing processes end-to-end in structured workflows, and ease management pressures using proactive event and date-based alerts, enabling your financial teams to achieve measurable savings with tight control over real estate expenditure.

Horizon CRE - Be ready for what's next with MRI Horizon CRE

Be ready for what's next with MRI Horizon CRE

Gain exceptional depth of real estate intelligence to support better decision-making. Achieve compliance with international accounting standards, ensure full visibility of critical lease events and maximise the potential of your portfolio effortlessly with one solution that tackles all your leasing needs.

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