Opiniion - How Opiniiion Can Help

How Opiniiion Can Help

Opiniion provides the tools, services, and support you need to measure and manage the resident experience from the time they tour until they move out.

We take a proactive, automated approach towards generating feedback, driving reviews, and evaluating their experience at your property. This increases your knowledge of your residents and effectiveness of key community processes which will eventually drive an increase in leases, retention, and NOI.

Opiniion Features

Proactive Resident Feedback and Intuitive Surveys

Frequent Online Reviews

Branded Campaigns

Customized Campaign Messaging

Real-Time Alerts

Multi-Source Aggregation, Location Insights and Reporting

By the Numbers

Opiniion - Measure and Manage Your Resident Experience Every Step of the Way

Measure and Manage Your Resident Experience Every Step of the Way

Opiniion’s automated platform leverages technology to generate a frequent stream of online reviews and actionable feedback from current residents throughout their resident life cycle. This feedback allows property managers to listen in real-time to the resident experience. Our focus is to create happy residents. Happy residents mean higher occupancy, retention, and NOI.

Key Integration Features

  • No need for manual data uploads
  • Data validation which avoids duplicate entries, and runs fully autonomously
  • Trigger-based automations to ensure frequent, even touch points across your portfolio and locations
  • Prevents review gating
  • Increases conversion rates by gathering feedback and generating reviews following key resident interactions

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