Gain better insights

MRI Agora Insights gives you a single place to access automated insights at-a-glance.

Save time

Give your teams a more consistent, up-to-date experience when accessing the data they need.

Prioritize needs

MRI Agora Insights identifies trends over time and automatically flags anomalies requiring action.

MRI Agora

Can’t get to the information that matters?

It’s easier than ever to store large volumes of data in the real estate industry, but the more data you have, the harder it becomes to identify and track down the information you actually need to run your business.  Gaining and retaining visibility across multiple systems is crucial in making confident, data-driven decisions.

Empower your teams

lead management software

Easy-to-use technology

Built on a foundation of accessible and shareable technology, a consolidated platform communicates all your data from MRI solutions, partner products, and your own business systems for a unified source of truth.

resident screening

Reduced manual work

By delivering an easy-to-use, independent, self-service data experience,  your teams can glean deeper insights that drive better decisions, reduce risk, and gain a competitive advantage.


Makes your organization smarter

Let AI do the learning for you, with functionality that proactively identifies trends and notifies you of anomalies that require your attention.

Work with independence

Enterprise Data Services


Enterprise Data Services

A singular Data Services layer consolidates all your business data in one place, allowing for fast access. By supporting MRI, client, partner, and public data sets, it delivers a unified experience with a holistic approach.

Powerful predefined dashboards


Powerful predefined dashboards

Solution-specific dashboards available out-of-the-box for immediate value.

Self-service analytics


Self-service analytics

A single place to view cross-product analytics dashboards where you can independently tailor your reports. Includes a smart Q&A engine to ask, answer, and learn about your data.

Insights Anywhere


Insights Anywhere

Solutions that give users a quick, tailored glance at actionable insights and make all your applications smarter.

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