ERP for the commercial real estate industry: A CIO’s perspective

CIOs of commercial real estate firms have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. For large companies, the ERP system that supports business operations, accounting and data sharing forms the backbone of the organization. These technology systems enable the business to grow, scale and achieve its strategic goals, ultimately preparing it for success on the road ahead.

So what does the road ahead look like? Among other things, 2020 has taught us that we can’t predict what’s around the corner. Phrases like the “new normal” are frequently used, but what exactly does that mean? It seems the only certainty is that there will be lots of new normals.

MRI partner One11 Advisors aptly refers to this future state as the “next normal.” And no matter what that brings, it’s important to have ERP real estate technology in place that can roll with the punches to help your business adapt, stay agile, and continue to succeed.

The value of open commercial real estate ERP software

In this podcast, Scott Morey of One11 Advisors speaks with some of today’s top CIOs in the real estate industry to discuss their property management ERP journey and how it has prepared their organization for the next normal. He speaks with Tom Taddeo of Kimco Realty, Shaun Smith of Benderson Development, and Kevin McCann of Phillips Edison (PECO) to see how they have evaluated their ERP software over the years to find the technology that will future-proof their business.

MRI took the time to understand our business and our people. As you choose solutions, take a good look at the people that come with it.

Shaun Smith, CIO
Benderson Development

How can you be confident that your core applications will allow your commercial real estate firm to adopt industry best practices as technology evolves? Is your provider committed to innovation and support for your solution? Are you dependent on a waning number of specialists to manage it, or can you hire technology professionals with skills that can carry your business into the future?

Technology to future-proof your commercial real estate business

For CIOs, preparing for the future requires a software provider with an open and connected platform that will never limit the growth of the business. At MRI, we proudly pioneered the open and connected approach to real estate software, and we’ve been recognized many times for our dedication to the future of real estate tech. Enabling true integration gives our clients the flexibility to take advantage of new technologies as they emerge, without being boxed in by closed systems.

Listen to the podcast to learn how top CIOs approached ERP migrations to position their commercial real estate organizations for the future.

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