Top 3 benefits of using space management software in the workplace

Are you managing your organisational spaces to maximum efficiency and providing the best experiences for your team to bolster productivity?

Managing a single workspace seems like a straightforward task. However, in reality, the practice is complex and time-consuming. The larger the organisation and number of workplaces, the greater the challenge. The rooms, floors, and buildings you manage will have unique requirements, and the layout of these spaces and the resources available need to be well-optimised for your team to access and use easily.

What is space management?

Space management or space planning enables you to audit, track, and manage all components of your company’s physical space. The software ensures that each space/resource is used effectively and supports your employees’ needs. You’ll gain better insight into how organisational space is utilised and who occupies what resources, among other trends.

The valuable data gained to strengthen your business case to make adjustments and optimisations that work for you and your team and increase workplace efficiency. Eliminating unused space and ensuring the right resources available could be a major deciding factor between a thriving, well-used workplace and a ghost town.

What are the benefits of space management in the workplace?

Space management tools can provide a productive and collaborative way of working for your employees while providing significant business benefits:

Cost reduction

Rent, office furniture, and equipment can create significant expenditure for your business if the spaces employees use when on-site get planned poorly. By identifying what your team is using and what doesn’t get much attention, you can reduce the amount of unused space, furniture, and unnecessary workplace equipment, saving on overhead costs.

Adapt, improve and adjust

The spaces your team use aren’t set in stone or static. A significant benefit of space management is the constant iterative nature of improving your workplace. By identifying past, present, and future trends by monitoring and reporting on your workplace traffic, you can shape your workspaces around employee needs and ensure your workplace remains dynamic, efficient, and productive.

Save administration time

Forget manually assigning desks or moving furniture at the last minute with space management software. You can pre-empt these situations using clear and actionable insights.  By understanding trends in what teams are in the office and what resources those employees use often, you’ll be able to go above and beyond your employees’ expectations. Your employee’s requirements get met before they even have to ask!

Understand your workplace and those in it with MRI OnLocation

Your space management efforts should reflect the needs of the people who power your organisation, enable them to enjoy using your space, and foster great collaboration between colleagues and teams. Set them up for success with the right tools and software and start identifying trends, creating flexible layouts, and adapting your spaces so your employees can accomplish more together. We’ve put together a complete guide on how to use space management in your locations, so go ahead, check it out, and start making the most of every part of your organisational space.

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The Complete Guide to Space Management for the Workplace

The workplace is no longer static, and being at our desks five days a week is a thing of the past for many businesses. Employees are on-site less, and they’re more intentional about how they spend their time in the workplace. Some employees may only …

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