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What are your leases really costing you?

Real estate is a significant part of business costs at any organization. However, the math gets tricky when trying to understand the true costs of leases. Lease agreements are complex, and the lease management process at many companies has not yet been streamlined, leading to increased risk, which could be costly if not detected.

Consider how much changes between the time when a lease is negotiated and when it runs out. It’s not uncommon that over-billing by landlords goes unnoticed, security deposits are not collected at the end of the lease, critical lease dates or errors are being missed, or the inability to process invoices in a timely manner can result in late fees. Often, seemingly small details, if undetected, can cost a company millions of dollars per year.

Identifying data inconsistencies and places where you are being charged more than you should be and following best practices for day-to-day lease administration will help you uncover hidden lease costs and opportunities for cost savings.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why is data quality important in lease administration?
  • Real-life examples of hidden lease costs and viable opportunities for savings
  • How to keep track of rent payments and critical dates more efficiently
  • Lease administration best practices

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