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DiMarco Constructors: Safety & security is knowing who’s on-site


DiMarco Constructors are based in Rochester, New York, have 70 employees and are one of the seven companies under the bigger DiMarco Umbrella, providing general contracting and construction services in the North-East of New York State.

Visitor management

DiMarco Constructors were looking to move away from the manual employee and visitor management systems they were using on their construction sites. These systems were hard to manage, were not always accurate and accurate reporting was difficult to produce.

During the initial information-seeking phase DiMarco Constructors looked at several visitor management systems before deciding on MRI OnLocation.

MRI OnLocation best met our needs as the product was easy to use, web based and we didn’t have to install any software.

Suzanne Germani, Director of Information Management

Key challenges

Prior to using MRI OnLocation DiMarco Constructors managed site access using a paper-based system. The paper-based system was simply a list where visitors, employees and contractors signed in and out of the site. This system presented a number of challenges; having an individual list for each site (no integration), sign-in and out’s missed, and the inability to provide detailed real-time reporting for their clients and themselves.

One of DiMarco Constructors major clients, a large discount retailer with over 10,000 stores worldwide was one of the main catalysts to seek a cloud based visitor management system. This particular client has very strict rules, which DiMarco Constructors needed to comply with, including the management of work visas to ensure no illegal immigrants work on-site, & delivering accurate detailed reporting.

DiMarco Constructors also had a secondary need – to manage their visitor management software from their head office. They also didn’t want to bring a visitor management system onboard that would require a large amount of training or work on their side, they needed to be able to get it up & running in a very timely manner.

The MRI OnLocation Solution

DiMarco Constructors looked at several options for visitor management software before settling on MRI OnLocation.

The decision to choose MRI OnLocation was made because it is:

  • Cloud based
  • Easy to use
  • They didn’t have to install any software
  • It could be up and running quickly

Rollout was seamless with no glitches. We were up and running in a timely manner. The way the screens are laid out and menu choices are intuitive, sometimes with software people over complicate things.

 – Suzanne Germani, Director of Information Management

DiMarco Constructors finds MRI OnLocation an excellent visitor management system. Aside from managing visitors, employees and contractors the best feature for their needs is reporting. Reporting is extensive and allows DiMarco Constructors to easily provide detailed reporting to clients as part of their contractual obligations.

Once DiMarco decided on MRI OnLocation for its visitor management system, implementation and ongoing use was easy. The biggest hold up was deciding on and purchasing the hardware to be used at each site.

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