How can I log a support call?

I want to make changes to a workflow but I am being asked for a response code.

What time is the support desk open?

When I log in I am being prompted for a Workstation ID.

I am not receiving any jobs to my MRI Evolution Go device.

What languages does MRI Evolution support?

My user account is locked out.

My MRI Evolution Go device states I am currently locked on another device.

I am a new MRI Evolution user. When I open my task grid I am unable to see any tasks.

I want to add/remove columns in my grid.

I want to export my grid to excel. How can I do this?

I have tried to export my grid but cannot see the icon as described in the help files.

I have created a group of users and I want them all to have the same grid views. How can I do this in bulk?

I am trying to assign a resource to a task, but the resource is not appearing in the list.

I wish to purchase more licenses. How can I do this?

I am interested in additional modules for my MRI Evolution/MRI Evolution Go solution.

I wish to upgrade my version of MRI Evolution.

I require additional training.

What are the minimum specifications to install MRI Evolution products?

Can MRI host my environment?

What operating systems are compatible with MRI Evolution Go?

What connectivity do I need for MRI Evolution Go?

Do you supply a list of recommended devices?