What is a visitor management system?

Traditionally visitor management was managed manually via a check-in book or ledger at reception or the entry point. A visitor management system replaces the book and pen to digitise the management of visitors, employees, and contractors within an organisation.

Visitor management software enables organisations to manage and account for every visitor, employee, and contractor from arrival through to the departure of the physical workplace.

How does a visitor management system work?

A visitor management system provides a safe and secure way for organisations to ensure those coming on-site meet their compliance obligations. This can be done by notifying visitors, employees, and contractors of on-site hazards or requesting they sign an NDA to ensure they meet and agree to onsite policies and procedures.

Modern organisations use powerful, cloud-based visitor management software, operated either by front-line staff such as a receptionist, security guards or via self-service systems such as a kiosk. A visitor management system provides strong digital security while efficiently connecting visitors with their hosts.

Visitor management systems give organisations the ability to record and report on visitors’ movements, know that only those who meet on-site regulations can gain access, and the ability to account for everyone in the case of an emergency.

Three-step sign-in/out process using visitor management software

1. Employee or guest sign-in

When an employee or guest arrived on-site they have multiple ways to sign-in. An employee could be automatically signed in as they enter the geofence, via an access control system, FOH team, or kiosk.

A guest can be signed in via the receptionist, a self-service kiosk, or a QR code. The employee or guest inputs their identifiable information via the chosen sign-in method, including who they are visiting, and answers any compliance questions to gain access.

2. Host notified

Once the guest is signed in, their host is automatically notified they are on-site and to make their way to the reception to greet the guest. Popular visitor management systems such as MRI OnLocation offer multiple ways for hosts to receive notifications such as SMS or email.

3. Guest sign-out

To ensure accurate record-keeping and knowing who is on-site in the event of an emergency it is essential guests signed out as they leave the location. Guest can be signed out via the same methods they signed in; receptionist, security guard, self-service kiosk, or QR code. It is as simple as entering their name and signing themselves out.

The power of data

Visitor management software is backed with valuable data. Through the sign-in/out process, each action is stored against the employee or guest record. The logging and storing of presence data, allows organisations to review, dive into insights, identify a security breach and easily generate compliance reporting.

Extra features

Touchless – Organisations looking to create an amazing customer experience via their visitor management system, can utilise touchless technology.

Pre-registration – Visitor pre-registration allows the host or software admin to send communications to the visitor before they arrive on-site. This provides an opportunity to perform a health check, ask specific questions that the organisation requires before gaining access and provide details to help the visitor with their visit.

Watchlists – Use watchlists to send alerts and be aware of those who need to be managed when arriving i.e. your VIPs or those whose access is permanently banned.

Zones – Split your organisation into zones, easily set who can gain access to each zone ensuring only those who are authorised gain access.

Badge printing – Automatically print guest passes at sign-in. A great way for your employees to easily confirm the guest has met on-site compliance and is allowed to be on-site.

Hybrid working – Visitor management software removes the guesswork when it comes to managing your hybrid workplace. Empower your employees to log when they will be working in the office and book the best desk for them to collaborate with their colleagues.

Deliveries – Free up your reception team by automating in-bound deliveries using your visitor management software. Deliveries are logged at the kiosk and employees are automatically notified they have a parcel or catering to collect.

What are the benefits of a visitor management system?

Managing and monitoring visitors’ safe and secure movement through buildings and worksites can be stressful. With the right visitor management software, you can ensure that all health and safety procedures are followed, provide a world-class customer experience, and be able to account for everyone in the event of an emergency.

Some of the key benefits of using a visitor management system include:

  • Authorise and monitor guests and employees on-site
  • Create a powerful first impression with multiple ways to sign-in
  • Pre-screen to ensure only those who meet on-site requirements are able to gain access
  • Improve front-line productivity
  • Real-time visibility of who is on-site
  • Ease workplace health and safety concerns
  • Integrate with access control systems
  • Manage risk with watchlist management
  • Paperless alternative with less manual labour required to manage visitors
  • Arrival notifications to hosts
  • Workplace data insights and reporting
  • Employees are automatically notified of deliveries

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