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Retail & Corporate Facilities Management

Managing property has many challenges: keeping costs to a minimum, ensuring high performance levels of operational teams and contractors, whilst maintaining brand equity and business performance. Especially when it comes to many sites, over a large geographical area including cross-border.

In this webinar, we review how our facilities management solution for corporate organisations & retailers can be the answer and put these features into real-life scenarios. Just some of the areas we cover include:

  • Manage property & maintenance costs – How to get control of all your property expenses to understand the true cost of occupation
  • Using property & maintenance data to make strategic decisions – Use all data available to make decisions on whether it’s best to relocate or invest in your current site
  • Contractor management – With so many contractors across each region you operate in, it can be hard to get on top of the work they’re doing for you. Get control of your contractors, their performance and costs
  • Surveys – utilise site inspections and surveys to identify work and future maintenance costs. Using surveys to make sure your locations are compliant and represent the brand of your company

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