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Leading pharmaceutical selects MRI Energy for automatic analysis & integration of energy data

A leading research-based biomedical, pharmaceutical company and globally recognised brand, responsible for some of the world’s well-known and life saving medicines, required an energy management system to achieve its strategic target to reduce energy consumption.

The requirement

As part of its commitment to a healthier world, the company has a strategic target to reduce energy consumption and identified a requirement for an automatic Monitoring and Targeting solution to help achieve this locally. It required a solution that integrated data from separate monitoring and metering systems into a single accessible automatic Monitoring and Targeting software suite.

Due to the company’s strict requirement for zero impact on their IT infrastructure, common among many pharmaceutical production plants, it required a solution that had no impact on their network and no software installed on site. An important aspect of the installation was that the solution could be accessed by both internal staff and external energy consultants.

The solution needed to be scalable so that it could easily be expanded to other sites within the group. Ideally it had to be Internet based facilitating the use and sharing of energy data between sites. It was also important that the monitoring and targeting software was both sophisticated but also intuitive and simple to use.

Metering and data collection

The organisation already had a wealth of energy data available within its Schneider Power Logic electricity metering system and also a PI Historian system. 15 minute interval data is transferred from its sites, via iDC, to MRI Software’s secure data centre on a daily basis. Metering data is then immediately available within MRI Energy for reporting and analysis.

In addition, MRI Software provided Enercom’s Multilog data collection loggers for logging interval data from gas and steam meters within the boiler house. This data is transferred from the loggers to the MRI Energy installation hosted by MRI Software.

Energy management solution

The energy management requirements were met using MRI Software comprehensive MRI Energy product suite hosted from its secure data centre. This provides full access to all MRI Energy functionality across the Internet.

In using MRI Software hosting services in this way, MRI Energy can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet giving total flexibility and ease of access. MRI Energy can be accessed by both on-site staff and their energy consultants off site.

Little software has been installed on site and system administration including database backups and upgrades are provided by MRI Software.

The use of MRI Energy has enabled the pharmaceutical’s manufacturing sites to reduce energy consumption in many areas of its business. Individual projects have targeted consumption in specific areas of its business.

Using MRI Software’s product suite, the company is able to analyse their energy data in many ways. These include:

  • Energy and Financial Analysis
  • Performance Analysis using regression, deviation and CUSUM charts
  • Baseload Analysis
  • Electricity Analysis including tariff rate analysis, load factor and maximum demand analysis

In addition, analysis charts and bespoke reports can be scheduled for distribution by email. The organisation is part of the 14000 energy reduction program and specific reports have been developed to assist this initiative.

Alarms and exception reports can also be created to alert key personnel when energy consumption steps outside specific targets. Reports can be automatically attached to emailed alarms to highlight possible causes of energy overspend.

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