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Beckman Coulter: Automated processes for peace of mind


Beckman Coulter is committed to advancing healthcare for every person. They combine science, technology and creativity to manufacture diagnostic systems used for biomedical testing. With a vision to make the world a healthier place, Beckman Coulter’s solutions are found in hospitals, reference laboratories and physician offices around the globe.

Visitor management

For many years, Beckman Coulter used pen and paper to manage the comings and goings of visitors, contractors and employees in their facilities. The team started to wonder whether there was a tool that could automate this process and alleviate some of the pain points they were experiencing. In particular, they wanted to:

  • Speed up the sign in process
  • Make the auditing and reporting on historical records easier

We needed something that was easy to deploy – with someone on-hand to guide us through the process. This is where MRI OnLocation really stood out above the rest.

Brian Miller, Global Security at Beckman Coulter

Key challenges

During the procurement process, there were some questions internally around the value people presence software could provide vs the cost when compared to a ‘free’ paper book. As a starting point, the team settled on a simple sign in/out app with limited functionality.

This app was later decommissioned, but the business could now see the value in taking their visitor book digital. When they began looking for a replacement solution, they knew they needed a product with a more comprehensive feature set.

The MRI OnLocation Solution

Further to automating processes and reporting, Beckman Coulter now needed a tool the businesses could easily scale with, especially when it came to contractor management, as well as improving the interaction at the front desk.

All of this had to be easy to deploy and supported by excellent customer service. As soon as Beckman Coulter made an enquiry with MRI OnLocation, a representative got in touch to discuss any questions or concerns, and walk the team through getting started with a free trial.

The free trial was a great way for us to see how the system could work for us. We were also able to observe how easy it was for visitors to interact with the system.

Brian Miller, Global Security at Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter is passionate about creating a safe working environment for all, and MRI OnLocation has enhanced its existing safety processes. The system is now used to automate contractor safety – all contractors are asked to read and sign a safety agreement before coming on-site. By automating the process, the team has peace of mind that all contractors are receiving the same information.

This new digital workflow also allows the EHS team to report on who has or hasn’t signed this agreement quarterly – giving them oversight of which contractors are contributing to a culture of safety, and which organisations aren’t.

The reporting feature is also a great way to prove to auditors that robust safety processes are in place.

Some surprising benefits

Other than safety and compliance, the team has found some added bonuses.

When we started tracking contractors signing in and out, we realised we were often billed incorrectly for work. MRI OnLocation helps us protect ourselves from being charged for hours that weren’t worked.

Brian Miller, Global Security at Beckman Coulter

Another everyday benefit is the ability to review historical visitor records. Beckman Coulter associates meet with potential vendors frequently. When they want to re-engage a contractor or organisation they’ve worked with in the past, the MRI OnLocation system helps identify individuals and retrieve contact details.

Navigating COVID-19

Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, Beckman Coulter’s manufacturing sites remained open, providing essential services to the biomedical industry. The safety features within MRI OnLocation have been a great way to reassure associates that the organisation is committed to keeping them healthy and safe.

In particular, the custom questions feature gives essential workers peace of mind when entering facilities during a pandemic. By tailoring the questions they ask during the sign in process, Beckman Coulter has been able to carry out health screening prior to entry. They ask each person coming on-site to confirm whether they’re experiencing flu-like symptoms – a great way to prompt visitors to stop and consider the risk they pose before entering the site.

Exceptional customer service

Finally, Beckman Coulter has found the customer service at MRI OnLocation to be a huge bonus. Support queries are responded to in a matter of hours, and any issues are often resolved the same day.

I’m a customer service nut, and the service from MRI OnLocation is always phenomenal.

Brian Miller, Global Security at Beckman Coulter

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