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Paramount Global benefit from 100% data transparency with MRI Angus

Paramount Global

Summary of Key Facts

Client: Paramount Global


  • Streamlined processes and optimized resource usage
  • 100% data transparency
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Maximized visibility
  • Paperless work order management system
  • Improved service levels

The Client

Paramount Global is one of the world’s largest global entertainment content firms, owning a number of companies that span a variety of mass media such as cable and satellite television and movie production and distribution. Paramount Global oversees the operations of several cable networks including MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, and more than 160 additional networks around the world.

We felt MRI Software was the best fit for us and we had no reservations about whether MRI Angus could meet our requirements and improve our efficiency – I’ve seen it work.

– Luis Acevedo, Senior Manager, Paramount Global

The Challenge

Paramount Global’s CORE Services department, responsible for managing all Paramount Global office issues related to physical space such as real estate strategy, space planning, design and construction, moves, reception and building maintenance and operations, faced many challenges managing operations at their 13 New York, regional and international facilities totalling 2 million square feet. Their main difficulty was tracking the progress of work orders to completion. Each building had its own manual, paper processes and standards were not in place to ensure data was captured correctly. For instance, Technicians were given paper copies of the work orders to be returned at the end of the day – this meant building personnel would not know the status of a work order until the technician returned. If a printed work order was misplaced or not entered into the system, important data such as when work was completed, reasons for delays, or other problems noted while on site was lost. Additionally, CORE Services had no way of tracking when tasks were not completed.

Paramount Global recognized its paper based system was inefficient and did not provide necessary data transparency and accountability for service levels. Consequently, it sought to implement a work order management system which would allow the company to go paperless and centralize the CORE Services Help Desk for New York. By creating a central Help Desk, controlled procedures could be implemented across all buildings, providing standardized data and standardized processes for handling service requests. This in turn would provide the opportunity to view, report on, and compare productivity across all buildings.

The Solution

MRI Angus, MRI Software’s suite of software to optimize commercial real estate operations, was brought to Paramount Global’s attention by Luis Acevedo, Senior Manager at Paramount Global. Having prior experience using MRI Angus, Acevedo was familiar with the benefits MRI Angus would bring. After much research and comparing MRI Software to other companies, Paramount Global selected MRI Angus. “We felt MRI Software was the best fit for us and we had no reservations about whether MRI Angus could meet our requirements and improve our efficiency – I’ve seen it work.” says Luis Acevedo. Paramount Global and MRI Software worked together to successfully implement MRI Angus: all affected employees, from technicians to administrators, were trained on the new system and processes; the Help Desk was centralized and supervisors were also taught how use the MRI Angus for BlackBerry® application which when installed on technicians BlackBerry devices, serves as a mobile electronic to-do list; keeping track of where technicians are working and removing completed items from the to- do list.

The Results

Paramount Global has been using MRI Angus since summer 2008 and have met all their main objectives. They have successfully implemented the centralization of the CORE Services Help Desk, achieved 100% data transparency, have gone paperless, and have been using the reporting tool to compare productivity between its 13 buildings. They have noted that the level of service, efficiency, and accountability has drastically improved for all users, and the CORE Services department is now considered much more dependable than before.

One unexpected benefit was a boost in morale for the technicians. Previously, work that was done proactively was rarely entered into the system, so there was no record of it or the time spent fixing a problem. Using MRI Angus, a technician can log this work, which is especially important for receiving credit for the job and recording productivity during on- and off-hours. Acevedo reports “Our Technicians really appreciate this part of the system’s capability because they don’t have to fight for credit of a ticket that was self-initiated – especially on weekends. There’s more transparency on employee productivity.”

Paramount Global management further adds “MRI Software’s Implementation Team was phenomenal and is the reason the transition to MRI Angus has been so successful. MRI Angus has certainly made us more efficient and everyone from management to Help Desk considers it to be “win-win across the board.”




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