Leverage real-life MRI user community knowledge through hundreds of custom apps

Your business’s success demands technology that functions in open and connected ecosystem with solutions flexible enough to support your needs. That’s why we created the MRI Application eXchange (MAX), a user-driven environment for the sharing of ideas, reports, and other customizations in MRI. Users can upload and download custom builds, as well as rate and share feedback to improve their current customizations. To date, our active user community has downloaded over 3,400 customizations. From reports and views to utilities and entire apps, MAX powers collaboration among users of MRI just like you.



MRI Application eXchange is like your very own app store where you can download customizations that other users have created.


Through the MRI Application eXchange, users can upload customizations, including reports, pages, and views, to be shared with other MRI Software clients.

User community

As an MRI Software user, you’re part of a unique community that shares knowledge and exchanges ideas to promote continual improvement.


  • Gain access to user community knowledge with hundreds of customizations

  • Share ideas and custom builds with other MRI users

  • Improve your own apps with community feedback and ratings

  • Easily find your next solutions via search and sorting by product

  • See popular downloads with featured apps

  • Download customizations to MRI core products

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