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Jones has created a radically simpler way of verifying compliance, so transactions can happen in days rather than weeks. With the Jones Integration you can:

  • Send COI requests and verify compliance directly within MRI
  • Automate audits 10x faster than individual human risk managers
  • Monitor expirations and auto-renews

Our automated compliance management software helps you reduce risk and achieve higher compliance rates across your portfolio 10x faster.

Why Choose Jones?

Liability Protection

You're always protected by Jones.

Uncover Coverage Gaps

Jones has 99.9% accuracy in uncovering coverage gaps.

Fast COI Audit Time

Jones audits insurance documents in under 24 hours - one of the fastest COI audit times in the industry

Seamless Experience

Tenants and vendors don’t need a login or password to upload their COIs through Jones.

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Key Integration Features

  • Extract insurance requirements

  • Collect COIs directly within MRI

  • Audit for compliance

  • Monitor expirations and auto-renewals

  • Advanced analytics dashboards and reporting tools

  • Ability for vendor payments to be contingent upon compliance

  • Compliance status of tenants and vendors viewable within MRI


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