Why you should use a visitor management system in 2022 and beyond

As we move into 2023, the future of the workplace and visitors’ expectations is rapidly changing. Workplace software can help you stay ahead of your visitors’ needs and ensure everyone who enters your organization has a pleasant and safe experience.

A visitor to your workplace could be:

  • Business partners
  • Job candidate
  • Contractors
  • Food and supply vendors
  • Family and friends
  • Delivery person

Your organization can use a visitor management system to ensure you exceed all visitors’ expectations, keep everyone safe on-site, meet compliance requirements, and much more. Let’s jump into why you should use a visitor management system in 2022 and beyond

1. Create fantastic first impressions

Your visitor’s impression of your organization starts well before they arrive on-site. The emails you send, the language you use, and the branding you display can be the deciding factor for making (or breaking) your visitor’s experience.

Use your visitor management system to create the best first impression before visitors arrive with pre-registration and host notifications. You can create a unique and personalized experience by sending visitors an invitation to pre-register via your meeting invite.

Your invite can include, but isn’t limited to;

  • Important meeting details
  • Directions to your office
  • Nearby parking
  • Local eateries or other helpful tips

When the visitor arrives, they can use their invite to streamline their sign-in process, all while spending less time waiting in your reception area, resulting in a polished and smooth experience for every visitor arriving at your door.

2. Reduce queues and improve front desk efficiency

The day-to-day role of a receptionist has changed over the years, with visitors disappearing and reemerging in our workplaces. Traditional front desk teams spend time writing down visitors’ information, liaising with hosts to ensure the visitor is greeted promptly, or ensuring deliveries to the office get to the right person.

Visitor management software can free your front desk from these laborious tasks and automate the process, and you can wave goodbye to manual errors or lost information. The number of visitors requiring help from the front desk will lessen as they can sign in using your kiosk or touchlessly via their personal device. You can forget about lost or damaged records as they’re in the cloud, readily accessible when needed. When a visitor reaches your entrance and begins signing in, you can set up automatic notifications, so their host gets notified. Strengthen the first impression of your workplace as visitors get greeted without informing reception of their arrival and reducing their wait time.

3. Ensure you keep everyone on-site safe

Visitor management systems are highly flexible and can help to strengthen your health and safety processes. You can use this software to ask your visitors questions unique to your organization before they access your building, and you can easily update these questions as your workplace policies change. You might require them to sign an NDA, acknowledge a hazard on-site, or check to see if they’ve been unwell recently. These questions are fully customizable depending on your needs, aiding you in meeting your compliance requirements. Once the visitor has answered, you can use the software to automatically notify you of their answer, deny access or even ask them to provide more information.

4. Account for everyone in the event of an emergency

An emergency plan for your workplace is critical to ensuring everyone on-site is safe and secure, even if you never have to use it. Gain central access to all your visitor data and easily account for everyone on-site in an emergency with a visitor management system. Collecting a digital log of who’s signed in can ensure your warden or emergency manager is aware of everyone on-site. They can quickly access the records and share important information with first responders.

Emergency features also benefit your front-line team by using built-in panic alarm features.  Your kiosks can send emergency notifications if your receptionist or security guards feel their safety could be compromised, triggering a request for assistance.

Ensuring your emergency plan is always top-notch is easy by leveraging your visitor management software data. Run detailed reports on emergency evacuations and gain valuable insight into the efficiency of your emergency procedures to identify areas of improvement and continue to keep everyone on-site safe and secure.

5. Get a visitor management system that keeps everyone safe and secure

With the benefits a visitor management system brings your organization, why not try one for free?

MRI OnLocation helps organizations globally protect the people and places that power their organization. Our powerful visitor management software monitors visitors, enables easy sign-in, and makes their experience more welcoming, time-efficient, and visually appealing.

Get a free trial of OnLocation today and start creating memorable visitor experiences, free up your front desk team to complete their other tasks, account for everyone in an emergency, and keep everyone on-site safe and secure.


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