How MRI OnLocation helps you meet compliance requirements

Companies operating in highly regulated industries must constantly rethink and improve their processes. As global regulations become more complex, their risk exposure increases. Thus, ensuring that their processes go hand in hand with regulations is becoming more critical than ever.

Workplace compliance is about the safety and security of your people and their work processes. Safety and security start with knowing who is entering your company and what they are doing. Understanding the presence of visitors, contractors, suppliers, and employees is imperative in ensuring their safety.

Below are several examples that show how MRI OnLocation can help ensure workplace compliance, regardless of your organization’s industry.

Visitor sign-in

When keeping track of visitors, contractors, and suppliers who enter your company’s locations, traditional pen-and-paper sign-in methods are often inefficient, lack security, and are prone to errors. MRI OnLocation’s visitor management system allows a much more efficient and accurate sign-in option that can be easily tracked and checked in case of regulatory inspections.

Digital sign-in logs can be stored in the cloud and offer a much safer solution than paper records that are easily misplaced or destroyed in an accident. Through a digital sign-in system, you can offer a touchless or more hygienic approach for guests to gain entry to your location, further bolstering your health and safety processes.

Digital agreement compliance

Visitors, contractors, and suppliers often need to accept certain policies and sign documents upon entering the company’s location. Have NDAs or other documents signed and stored electronically, and send copies to your visitors if required, thus reducing complexity and removing unnecessary administrative work.

Visitor identification

Companies operating in the pharmaceutical, food, and manufacturing industries experience many visitors coming in and out of the buildings daily. Keeping track of who is allowed to be there and who is not can be hard. Visitors and contractors should wear badges during their visits to reduce confusion and the significant risk of unauthorized individuals entering the site. A visitor management system automates badge printing as part of the check-in process.

Real-time notifications

When visitors or contractors arrive on-site, they often meet with company employees. To prevent them from wandering into restricted or hazardous areas, people presence management systems can automatically send notifications to the relevant employees and inform them that their guests have arrived.

In addition, when specific ‘red flag’ conditions are met, e.g., a contractor has been working alone un-checked for 2 hours’; automated awareness alerts can be broadcast to bring these red flag events to the attention of HSE operators.

Privacy and security

Paper records are time-consuming, hard to read, provide little visitor or contractor identity privacy, and are an inaccurate way of logging visitors and contractors entering and leaving the location. If they are left unguarded, a malicious insider can easily steal or duplicate such records and use them to gain illegal access to restricted areas. With people presence management system in place, such information is kept secure and can be accessed only by authorized personnel.

ISO-27001 compliant

MRI OnLocation is hosted in AWS data centers certified as ISO-27001, PCI/DSS Service Provider Level1, and SOC II compliance. Our global Security Team is on call 24/7 to respond to security alerts and events. We are committed to protecting the security of our customer’s information.

Certification capture and management

Get peace of mind that everyone coming on-site meets your requirements. OnLocation powers your workplace to request employees, visitors, and contractors to upload documents at sign-in before you grant them access.

  • First-aid certificates, heavy machinery licenses, and other certifications often need to be recorded and validated before granting access to your workplace. The certification detail sign-in question enables you to do this by requesting employees or contractors upload the necessary documentation at sign-in. Once uploaded, you can verify and permit or deny access.
  • Do you have certifications that require verification before permitting an employee or contractor access? Set designated staff to get notified when certain document types are uploaded. Have peace of mind that the right team is managing important workplace documents for your employees and contractors.
  • Have different clearance levels for documentation, or do you need to restrict some staff from verifying? Get granular on who manages uploaded documents with permissions levels for your workplace certifications. Provide employees with global access or limit them to specific locations or certification types to strengthen your verification process.

Access control

Managing the flow of people in and out of your workplace can ensure you maintain your data, health, and safety compliance obligations. By making registration mandatory before you provide access to your premises, you can gain insight into everyone on-site at any time and account for everyone in your duty of care.

During sign-in, visitors get asked to provide personal information, such as a phone number and email, or even have their picture taken, strengthening your security processes, assisting you in staying on top of any compliance regulations, and potentially deterring unwanted or malicious visitors.


Send your visitor an invite to pre-register themselves before they arrive so you can capture any regulatory requirements before they come on-site. You’ll get more time to adjust your plans if a visitor doesn’t meet your workplace criteria, and your visitor will have a more pleasant experience as they’ll spend less time waiting at reception.

Ensure visitors comply with your processes before arriving on-site by collecting signatures or capturing important workplace requirement details.


The ability to generate real-time reports over a specific period can give managers and compliance officers insightful data on building traffic, visitors, employees, and contractors. Utilizing this data can help alter entrance policies, monitor other trends that need addressing to achieve a safer and more compliant workplace, and aid you in any historical reporting you may need to produce.

Contractor management

MRI OnLocation has robust and functional contractor management in its product offering. Some could argue that contractors are the most significant risk to your organization as they’re unfamiliar with compliance training and policies that are unique to your organization and processes.

Using a contractor management system, you can gain confidence that all inductions and other relevant material have been read and completed before the contractor starts their work. Maintain health and safety requirements easily by informing them of any hazards on-site, or if they are working alone or in at-risk areas, monitor their time on-site through a central application.

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