5 reasons to use workplace apps to create an excellent employee experience

Workplace apps are not new in the age of workplace efficiency, but with the trend in hybrid working continuing its rise in popularity, they are becoming a key solution in taking the employee experience to a new level.

What are workplace apps?

Using applications in the workplace allows your business to create an easy way for teams to communicate better, collaborate more efficiently, and reach their goals faster. Removing or simplifying tasks that often are labor-intensive or time-consuming provides your employees with an easier workday and creates a better experience.

Here are a few reasons why workplace apps are helpful to your organization;

  • They keep employees safe.
  •  Create efficiencies for everyday workplace processes.
  •  Promote a secure way for organizations to connect with on-site or remote teams.
  •  Allow organizations to foster a flexible workplace culture.
  •  Enable organizations to meet their compliance obligations.

Sign in/out apps

A helpful workplace app that provides your employees with the best experience by keeping them safe and secure when they’re working is a sign-in/out app.

Implementing a sign-in/out workplace app in your organization makes it effortless for your employees to enter or exit your locations and gain greater visibility of where they’re working. Sign-in/out apps make it trouble-free to communicate with your team about hazards, important notifications, or alerts. It powers your organization to foster a hybrid workplace culture by better understanding occupancy levels, empowering teams to choose their work station, and more.

Let’s dive into the 5 key reasons your organization should use a sign-in/out app to empower employees, aid your compliance obligations and create an excellent employee experience.

Effortless entry and exit

Make it easy for employees to enter or exit your organization with automatic sign-in/out and remove the stress of manually signing in and out of your location. When an employee arrives or goes to leave for the day, your employee’s device triggers a prompt, and they can enter or exit your location securely. Now your employees can help keep your records accurate without lifting a finger, as the workplace app does all the heavy lifting for them. Brilliant!

Emergency assistance

It’s essential to ensure your employees are safe to provide an excellent experience when they’re working. In an emergency, accident, or high-stress situation, provide your team with the ability to activate an emergency alert from their device. This application can assist with delivering your safety team or first responders with accurate, detailed information to help staff as quickly as possible.

Arrival and instant message notifications

Creating the best, welcoming experience for visitors to your workplace isn’t just about coffee and flowers. Create a unique and personalized visitor experience using workplace applications with visitor arrival notifications. Reduce the time your visitor is left at the sign-in screen and inform their host of arrival, regardless of when they show up at your door.

Have a hazard on level 5 in the stairwell and need to alert your teams? A workplace app removes the admin and provides a fast method to send an urgent update to everyone in your duty of care, informing them of the hazard. Give your safety team an extra capability to protect your employees, keeping them safe, secure, and aware of any hazards on-site.

Create a hybrid workplace

If you’re looking to create a flexible workplace, your employees can use workplace applications to notify you when they’ll be on-site and where they’ll be working. Give your team the flexibility to manage their next working day, week, or month and enable them to select the spaces they need to have a great workday with desk booking and employee scheduling.

Gain crucial insights into occupancy levels, and learn what spaces are utilized in your workplace, offering you the potential to save on workplace costs. Meet your policies and procedures without worry, and empower your teams to choose where and when they work best, powering your locations to craft a hybrid workplace culture.

Remote teams

The workplace isn’t all about being on-site, and workplace apps provide benefits and efficiencies for your remote workers too. Whether your team often works from home, on the road, or in remote areas, have them sign in for work on the go, right from their device.

By confirming and updating their geolocation, your nominated safety contacts within your organization can monitor their location, keeping at-risk employees safe, and easing health and safety concerns.

OnLocation Mobile

Get the workplace app that makes it easy for your employees to sign in/out of your locations. OnLocation Mobile assists your organization in creating a safe and secure workplace and helps you comply with your health and safety obligations.

Provide a convenient way to send important notices to your entire workforce, make it simple to check in with those working remotely, and keep the whole team safe with emergency SOS functions just a tap away.

Improve the accuracy of your people presence data and make it uncomplicated for employees to arrive or exit the workplace with automatic sign-in via a geofence. OnLocation Mobile also empowers your workforce for safe collaboration with fast and stress-free desk booking from their device.

Get a free trial today and strengthen the security of your workplace, instill confidence in employee safety and create fantastic employee experiences with OnLocation.

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