Learn how artificial intelligence can improve your lease abstraction

Whether you’re the lessor or lessee, manually abstracting and managing data from your various contracts and leases can be a resource-intensive task – potentially taking hours, days or even weeks, depending on the size of the portfolio.

If only there was a solution that could bring unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy to the lease abstraction process…

One of the newest members of the MRI family, Leverton, offers an AI-powered solution for handling both lease abstraction and lease intelligence. Organisations leveraging this technology have been able to greatly reduce the time and effort taken to extract data from their paper-based leases and contracts – and have done so while significantly reducing errors and delivering greater transparency.

In this 45-minute webinar, we discuss how you can leverage lease intelligence elevate your business processes:

  • Maximise efficiency in the lease abstraction process
  • Boost data accuracy by eliminating manual abstraction
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimise your portfolio and reduce risk
  • Gain transparency into data points that remain in the original document
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