The journey has been transformative for our organisation. We now have one source of truth for our data.
Aidan Coleman


This is really an ideal system for Pierson, a central database for depreciation and advanced reporting with plenty of customization.
Darin Tuch


Being able to record and control our assets through one central database and having easier, more accurate and timely reporting and interrogation of asset information will be of great benefit to the company.
MRI's reputation and strong client base, particularly within the banking/finance sector, was a key factor in our decision to purchase MRI's system, as was the user friendly and feature rich nature of the software.
The new system will allow CVT to adopt component accounting with the peace of mind that all data is recorded within a central location and most importantly, that the depreciation on each component is being calculated correctly and that all financial reporting is accurate.
The software provides us with an all-encompassing asset register allowing for a detailed audit trail of all our assets, which is very useful when we undergo spot checks and internal assessments
The time savings are also significant. One person can now handle MHCA compliance and year-end accounting within a couple of hours, which is a considerable benefit for a small finance team.
The MRI fixed asset system has always delivered. It does what we want and is perfectly matched to our needs, saving us noticeable time in administration and simplifying the asset management process considerably.

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