The process of working with MRI has been smooth and I'm really impressed with the results.
The return on investment we have received to date has been fantastic. We have collected over five times what we have invested and this is growing every day.
Tenancy Analytics has helped us to highlight many issues with our tenants, with our main work around financial distress. Arrears have reduced following a financial support campaign driven by Tenancy Analytics.
We've already had a couple of incidents where we've used SafeStart to check tenants claiming to have no financial issues but who in reality were in financial distress.
Richard McQuillan

Head of Housing Services

Grwp Cynefin has projected potential savings of £80,000 by investing in SafeStart. This will be delivered by reducing the number of visits from three to one.
Noela Jones

Head of Housing Services

SafeStart is underpinning our financial inclusion campaign, allowing targeted financial support. We're using this knowledge in the interest of our residents.
Mark Rostock

Director of Neighbourhoods

The MRI Tenancy Analytics solution has proved invaluable for the Income team; firstly using pre-tenancy checks to identify upfront any tenants who may struggle to pay their rent so we can allocate the appropriate resource and ensure the tenancy does not fail. Secondly, the ongoing work the team is undertaking to tackle fraud within our stock – in 18 months of using the product Tenancy Analytics has supported the recovery of 93 homes, which we have been able to reallocate to those most in need.
Tim Millns

Director of Income & Leasehold Services

MRI Tenancy Analytics is an extremely important tool in helping us work more efficiently to support our tenants.
Andrea O'Callaghan

Customer Services Director

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