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Revolutionise your approach to repairs and property management

Ever get the feeling your repairs and maintenance processes could be better managed? Inefficient processes stem from time-consuming, manual-based tasks which over time, can considerably impact your operational costs.

MRI have got the ideal solutions to replace manual repairs and maintenance processes; with intelligent automated workflows that even factor in route optimisation when scheduling engineers to a job.

We have a complete end-to-end repairs solution to support the day to day management of your homes. For a longer-term strategic view, our portfolio includes an asset management solution – revolutionising your stock management processes.

Our solutions are trusted by some of the UK’s leading contractors and our repairs solutions can be scalable to Housing Associations that manage their own DLOs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Complete Job Management

Managing the full lifecycle of responsive, void, servicing and planned works from raising the original request to completion and invoice.

Improved first-time access rates

Due to integrated communication modules within our repairs system, you can use SMS and email to confirm appointments.

Asset Management

Enabling housing providers to make informed decisions about the future of their housing stock, all whilst meeting compliance, legal and auditing requirements.

MRI Housing Asset Management


  • Record, schedule and manage all your repairs work, down to handling subcontractor arrangements such as assigning jobs, raising purchase orders and payments.

  • Improved service response times, visibly improving customer service delivery.

  • Real-time appointment availability – calculated based on optimised routing, travel time and engineer efficiency.

  • Integrated app extensions with offline working capability, ideal for engineers or operatives working mobile.

  • Single-view of everything you need, even capturing integrated systems data.

  • Asset Management includes a range of specialist modules to cover: Asbestos, Servicing, Surveys, Options Appraisal, Fixed Assets, Project Management, Location, HHSRS and Energy.

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