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Your finance departments are intrinsic in the governance, management and operations of your social housing organisation. Therefore, the core system they use must be designed and purpose built for the very financial environment in which you operate.

MRI has a comprehensive range of sector-specific financial solutions that can be integrated to your existing housing management systems; driving greater efficiencies across your finance teams and delivering integrity in your numbers, reporting and overall processes. Regardless of your organisation size, MRI social housing can find a best-fit finance solution to your exacting needs. Whether that’s an enterprise scale out-of-the-box solution or a suite of finance modules that can scale with your organisation’s growth.

To discuss your finance solution options further, contact MRI Software today. We’ll get to know your organisation better and recommend the best-fit finance solution for your exacting needs.


Integrated solutions

Seamless integration across your existing housing management systems – ensuring finance teams can access all data within the organisation.

Report-rich functionality

Whichever financial solution you choose, it’s guaranteed to deliver comprehensive reporting; from high-level board reports and forecasts right down to granular, transactional details.


For those looking to move to a fully cloud-based financial system, we offer a solution which will let you access data from anywhere.

Financial Solutions


  • A flexible finance solution offering, from enterprise level all-on-one software to more a more modular-based approach, scalable to housing provider’s needs.

  • Reduced complexities by ensuring all interfaces are ease-to-use.

  • Smart workflows to simplify and speed up key tasks as requisitioning, approvals and expenses.

  • Filter and extract data with ease for faster ledger reconciliation.

  • Real-time reporting functionality and full audit history.

  • Quick and efficient implementation, minimising expensive downtime and service disruption.

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