Data Management - Data is your organisation’s biggest asset

Data is your organisation’s biggest asset

MRI offers a choice of data management platforms that allow organisations to gain deeper insights into their data with a view to deliver actionable information to the stakeholders.  This simple and powerful analytical tool can guide learnings and make decisions from your biggest asset, data.

Our in-house expert teams have designed these data solutions to sit across your entire solutions architecture. It works by loading in data, from a variety of source systems, transforming it and then creating data marts based on a specific business function, for example Rents. These data marts can be interrogated quickly and simply by a variety of reporting solutions to suit your needs.

Our data platforms and BI tools are helping our customers gain deeper insights into their organisation, from exploring day-to-day data analytics and metrics to granular data interrogation within dashboards.


Interrogate data quickly

Extensive reporting solutions include Business Objects, DataPA, SQL Server Reporting as well as most data visualisation platforms.

Metabase and Information Management Server (IMS) options

Offers a great choice of data platforms, all easy to use, highly secure and functionality-rich.

Configured to load data from outside your organisation

Enhancing business intelligence for better decision making.


  • Easy to setup and scale

  • Responsive UI

  • Intuitive design with consistent, easy to use tables and field names to make the system easy to understand

  • Functionally rich features to drive insights and explore data

  • Collaboration using alerts & scheduled reports

  • Ability to share and embed dashboards and reports

  • High performance and highly secured

  • Integrates with a variety of data sources, including - MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, Mongo, Amazon Redshift, Druid, H2, Oracle, Vertica, Spark, Google analytics, Teradata, Presto, Big Query, Cluid.js, Click House

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