Complete visibility

Obtain a single view of your customer with information drawn from multiple sources.

Real time data

Real time updates and displays of the latest information stored in back office systems.


Mobile enabled for consistent user and customer experience out in the field.

Instant access to all the information required for a successful and efficient customer interaction

CRM draws information from multiple back-office systems and shares it in a single, intuitive and adaptable view. You can personalise a user’s screen according to their role. This allows you to speed up response times to customer queries and improve the quality of data across your multiple systems by updating them in sync and removing the need for duplicating data input.

The case management and workflow capacity enable your staff to capture, progress and track customer service requests. CRM allows you to send email, SMS, letters and surveys to targeted groups of tenants at the click of a button and as well as social media feed integration.

The system can create any type of profiling entity, plus retention and prioritisation settings, allowing you to understand your customers and their preferred method of contact. Customer validation checks ensure sensitive data is only available to those who have permission to access.


  • Access to information in real-time.

  • Mobile enabled for field operatives, it can be accessed away from the office for a consistent customer experience.

  • Supports Complaints and ASB management so issues can be dealt with efficiently.

  • Over 500,000 customers are currently supported by our CRM.

  • Customisable view depending on a user’s role and requirements.

  • Profiles customers for greater insight.

  • Direct your target marketing and campaigns via email, SMS and post.

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