Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships in social housing

Inspire your teams to serve and support communities that flourish​.

Technology is an investment in your organisations future and with investment comes change.

When you think about the existence of technology in your organisation is it having the desired transformational impact? Can you see your technology directly contributing to a positive impact on the communities and people you serve? Or simpler still, is it making your life easier?

Many local authorities across the country suffer from multiple legacy systems from multiple third parties that simply don’t join up. Over time, these systems which were deployed with the best of intentions, have become less efficient as a result of the overall inflexibility to a joined-up approach.

Local Authority Social Housing - Serving your Communities, Homes and Buildings <br />

Serving your Communities, Homes and Buildings

  • Leveraging technology to revitalise, re-design and renew neighbourhoods, communities and living environments
  • Creating safe, thriving, and desirable places to be proud of
  • Healthy, smart and safe homes fit for the future
Local Authority Social Housing - Serving your Residents <br />

Serving your Residents

  • Resident-first, proactive solutions that ensure people don’t slip through the net
  • Recognising the balance between automation and the need for human contact
  • Delivering choice in the way your residents want to engage, which means the provision of digital self-service
Local Authority Social Housing - Serving your Staff

Serving your Staff

  • Creating safe working environments
  • Provision of flexibility and agility in the ‘new world’ of work
  • Enablement to do the job better – solutions that fit into existing processes that drive evolution not revolution
  • Automate and join up processes where it makes sense
Local Authority Social Housing - Serving your Council

Serving your Council

  • Leaders in the community – do they have the vision?
  • Forward-thinking – digital adoption
  • Taking care of data matters – the ability to evidence where funding is being spent and the impact it is having
  • Deliver better services and focus on continuous service improvements

MRI Software are working towards becoming the technology partner of choice for local authorities

The development and ongoing investment in our open and connected platforms

This means solutions are designed to enhance and integrate with the solutions you already have. It’s important for data to flow across all your applications, to ensure integrity.

Building solutions with the sector, for the sector.

Our greatest strength is working with clients to build solutions from the ground up – ensuring the solution takes care of all our client needs, plus continuous collaboration on improving the software as operating environments change.

Continuous support, flexibility and innovation

As your needs change, be that strategically or regulatory, MRI solutions can help you to make a positive difference every day, to the people that work within the organisation and by the people and communities they serve.

MRI Service Charges

Frontline & Housing

Solutions to support building better COMMUNITIES, helping you to look after today and build a better tomorrow.

Homelessness reduction
Rough sleeping
Tackling anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse
Housing Allocations
Referal services 




Local Authority Social Housing - Finance & Income

Finance & Income

Solutions that support your STAFF, driving automation where needed, and building efficiencies at every stage of the process.

Mobile working management
Safe and secure return to the office
Finance and accounting management solutions
BI and analytics

Local Authority Social Housing - IT & Strategy

IT & Strategy

Solutions that allow the COUNCIL to take a 360-degree view, improve outcomes, save money and always look to the future

Safe and secure return to the office 
Cloud transformation
Asset management for investment and operational portfolios
Digitising document management 
Take a strategic view of your housing stock


Social Housing Management Software

Why choose MRI?

  • Over 200 local authorities across the UK are supported by MRI’s technology

  • 140+ local authorities use our Frontline & Housing solutions
  • 70+ local authorities trust our Homelessness Reduction solution, ensuring compliance

  • 40 years of experience in the industry brings close client relationships and the ability to deliver property management software that meets industry requirements.

  • With 800+ UK employees, you can be assured that MRI Social Housing is part of a strong development and services infrastructure.

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