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MRI Software transforms income collection for Castles & Coasts Housing Association

Castles & Coasts Housing Association (CCHA) has engaged with MRI Software to become more proactive in its approach to Income Collection.

Increasingly customers who go into arrears will bury their heads in the sand rather than engage with support, CCHA is constantly looking at methods to support them before they get into financial difficulty. Early intervention is also vital to sustain tenancies and avoid court action. By contacting customers earlier, CCHA hopes those customers in need will be more inclined to accept help and support.

CCHA is one of a number of housing associations turning to MRI Income Analytics, an analytical software solution that transforms income and arrears data into actionable insight. Income Officers no longer need to check all accounts in arrears, saving time and giving focus to those that need assistance. As it’s both mobile and tablet friendly, Income Analytics will enable CCHA’s Officers who are regularly ‘out and about’, gain access to tenants account details and transaction history and provide immediate advice.

CCHA undertook a full market review to identify tools to aid housing associations with Income Collection. CCHA chose MRI Income Analytics solution because it seemed very intuitive and it was a natural fit with how its Income Officers work. For instance, Income Analytics can be customised for each officer so they can target the areas they want to, on any given day.

As a forward-thinking organisation, CCHA loved the innovative design of Income Analytics which aligns with its strategy to use modern technology to better understand its customers.

​Commenting on the MRI solution,​ Jonathan Graham, Income Manager at CCHA said, “We chose Income Analytics because it is a new and innovative product that enables CCHA to improve efficiency associated with income collection, to tackle arrears quickly and support those tenants who need it most.

“We were particularly impressed with Income Analytics’ dashboard features and reporting options. A key strength of the product has been its ability to use daily data updates and its capacity to hold data for years rather than months. This has allowed us as an organisation to use both recent data and analyse longer periods of time to identify trends.

“It is a very impressive product and we look forward to working with the team at MRI to manage the changing requirements of income collection in the future.”

Joanna Lewis, Head of Sales at MRI said, “We are delighted to welcome CCHA as a customer of MRI Income Analytics. Its team will soon begin to experience the power of this solution and realise greater efficiencies across the business.”

Castles & Coasts Housing Association Limited (CCHA), which owns and manages more than 7,000 homes across the North of England, was formed in July 2017 following the merger of Two Castles Housing Association and Derwent & Solway Housing Association. Operating over a large and diverse area, CCHA always acts with its customers’ interests at heart, aiming to help those tenants who may be struggling financially.

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