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Digital innovation built on an established technology platform

Lee Baron is a specialist managing agent for commercial and residential properties, running a nationwide portfolio of more than 9000 leases with nearly 200 team members. As well as a commitment to delivering core services to high standards, the organisation is at the forefront of driving and adopting technological innovation in the real estate space.

Business Challenge

As a large organisation with a range of requirements, Lee Baron simply could not operate efficiently without effective software. There’s no way the volume of service charges, invoices and reports they process could be delivered manually – and such an ask would take resource away from their main objective which is to deliver the best possible service to clients.


Forward-thinking leadership at Lee Baron means they have always been strong advocates of technology in the sector, and the company was one of the first to adopt the MRI Qube Property Management solution more than two decades ago. They have since evolved and expanded their use of the application to manage various aspects of their operations, harness automations and help them attract new instructions. Lee Baron and MRI have forged a strong and successful working relationship in that time – one based on collaboration and a joint desire to continually improve the capabilities of technology in the industry. As a result, in early 2020, they were once again one of the first to leverage a new MRI solution; this time our AI-powered MRI Lease Intelligence product for document reading and analytics.

Qube PM is absolutely essential to our business efficiency. There’s no way we could manage the volume of leases we do without that kind of operating platform.

Tim Love, CTO
Lee Baron

Business Impact

Lee Baron has put Qube PM at the heart of its business for many years, and has relied on the solution to help deliver continued growth, optimal working practices and an elevated customer experience.

Operational efficiency
Critical activity such as processing service charges, sending out invoice runs or producing aged debtor reports are activated with a click of a button. It’s difficult to conceive just how long these would take if they were manual, and would prevent staff from executing tasks and initiatives that help customers.

Ease of use
Qube PM is an intuitive system that both staff and clients find easy to navigate. There are solutions in the market that can be difficult to understand but, across Lee Baron, individuals from property, accounting, marketing and IT find adapting to Qube quick and simple.

Customer service
As well as utilising the powerful back-office capabilities of Qube PM, Lee Baron leverages the Tenant Portal. Fully integrated with the main system, it provides a front-end customer service tool that can be used for a range of self-service requirements such as maintenance requests and online payments.

Proptech innovation
Lee Baron does not want its staff to be stuck in offices reading leases when they could be providing customer service and managing suppliers. It’s for this reason they’re working with us on the integration between Qube PM and our AI lease abstraction product – and have become early adopters of that connected solution.

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