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Amart Furniture



Amart Furniture is one of Australia’s most prominent furniture, bedding and outdoor retailers, with stores in 69 locations nationwide.

Founded in 1970, Amart has gone from strength-to-strength, with the ongoing mission to help Australians revitalise their homes with stylish, high-quality furniture, without needing to break the bank doing so.

The Implementation

Amart’s MRI Evolution platform was implemented in mid-2016, developed to meet their requirements as a sought-after retailer. Since then, MRI Evolution has helped their team manage over 100 sites across Australia, including all of their assets and over 30 contractors.

In addition to our core MRI Evolution platform, enabling the Amart team to manage tasks, track asset data, organise maintenance work and automate their FM duties like never before, Amart’s CAFM solution also incorporates several additional modules and products, including:

Customer Portal

Every Amart store utilising MRI Evolution has access to Customer Portal’s easy-to-use self-service interface. This enables their staff and customers to log maintenance requests and issues, ensuring tasks are completed swiftly and customer satisfaction stays high.

Quotation Management

Amart introduced Quotation Management to manage the flow of quotes and invoices from their partnered subcontractors. When our standard version of this module wasn’t the right fit for Amart’s needs, our team worked closely to configure the system so it would meet their requirements.

Helpdesk Administration

As a leading retailer with numerous locations, Amart would regularly be inundated with a vast array of request calls.

Helpdesk Administration has allowed them to effortlessly handle these calls and streamline the process behind tasks being raised, delivered to their subcontractors to execute, and informing the client of works being undertaken and how they are progressing.

Digital Dashboard

Through the Digital Dashboard, Amart’s FM team can always see a visual representation of all KPIs, meaning they’re always aware if targets are being met, tasks are completed efficiently, and performance levels are maintained and improved across their sites.

Furthermore, Amart’s MRI Evolution system is hosted on our dedicated MRI Cloud service, based on the Microsoft Azure platform in Melbourne, which ensures their solution has 24/7 reliability.

Looking forward, Amart has also demonstrated an interest in MRI Evolution Go’s Workforce Apps, and we hope to implement this for them in the near future.

The Benefits

Fundamentally, MRI Evolution has streamlined FM operations throughout Amart’s considerable footprint in Australia. With all information pertaining to their assets, building maintenance issues, financial reports and more now in one place, it has given their individual teams greater visibility over every aspect of their organisation.

  • Stronger communication between stores and teams across the country.
  • Enhanced budget management from location to location, ensuring they always remain within their means and can forecast for the future with greater accuracy.
  • Increased confidence that all tasks are recognised, actioned and completed

The Amart team has appreciated the user-friendliness and accessibility of MRI Evolution for their day-to-day responsibilities, particularly the ability to access the system from any device.

They also are big proponents of our support network:

If we ever have a problem or question, MRI responds within minutes. Nothing is too hard for them, and they are always willing to assist and work with your ideas to make the system suitable for your individual needs.

Hayley Voigt, Facilities Coordinator at Amart Furniture

Fundamentally, the introduction of MRI Evolution has made life significantly easier for the team at Amart Furniture. We are confident that the platform will continue to give them the confidence and reassurance in their FM services so they can devote more time to further building their already stellar reputation.

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