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Improve cash flow, reduce manual data entry and increase productivity

From tracking invoices to printing checks to dealing with vendors, our Real Estate Accounts Payable software streamlines procedures across your entire property portfolio. This intuitive web-based solution minimises manual intervention while maximising accuracy and productivity. MRI’s Accounts Payable solution can help you improve cash flow and lower costs as you gain greater control over the accounts payable process. Achieve greater scale for your business and extend your functionality with Partner Connect, giving you access to third-party solutions that integrate with your MRI system.


Fast, accurate invoice management

A single spreadsheet-like entry screen, with pop-up reference windows, minimises error and maximises throughput so your accounts payable team can work more efficiently.

Payment Flexibility

Quickly determine how invoices will be paid by selecting any combination such as entities, due dates, due periods or an individual invoice. Split payables across multiple properties or account numbers.

Protection against overpayment

Control expenses by viewing expenses against budgeted amounts, both actual and pending. Drill into expenses by account, building, property or regional manager.

Perform comprehensive analysis

Reports can be generated for any date range at any time and all report parameters can be customised. All changes are automatically updated across the MRI system, reducing data entry and minimising errors.

Recurring services


  • Protect against overpayment with quick budget-to-actual comparison and automated purchase order approval work flows.

  • Increase productivity with user-friendly navigation featuring keyboard shortcuts and spreadsheet-like views.

  • Maximise profitability by reducing payable cycle times and leveraging vendor payment term discounts.

  • Enjoy increased efficiency with a payable system that is directly integrated with your core MRI accounting system.

  • Easily view additional details with the ability to drill into expenses by account, building, property or regional manager.

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