24/7 self service

Utilise automated online interaction to free up your resources and make life more convenient for your clients.

Empower clients

Allow tenants to access their account information at any time, improving your reputation for customer service.

Open and connected

The portal is fully integrated with your main Qube PM system, meaning you don’t need to invest in bespoke solutions.

Customise branding

Adapt the look and feel of the portal to match your own brand, that of your client or a development you manage.

Save time and improve service with the MRI Qube PM Tenant & Leaseholder Portal

Like many sectors, there is no longer a ‘standard working day’ in the property industry. Investors, owners and managers face the considerable task of operating on a 24-hour-a-day basis – and need to marshal their limited resources accordingly. Our portal has been developed to help organisations meet this challenge and, by placing technology at the heart of your operations, you can utilise this platform to transform your customer service. Built for both commercial and residential portfolios, the web application enables residents, tenants and leaseholders to access a wealth of information and perform a variety of tasks – all at a time that suits them and with no manual support required from your team. With real-time integration with your core Qube PM database, you also guarantee one source of truth and ensure that your clients’ actions – including payments and maintenance requests – are automatically updated, processed and added to appropriate back-office workflows.


  • Provide clients the ability to make secure, online part or full payments of outstanding charges.

  • Users can view their transaction history, and are able to filter by a selected date range.

  • Enable customers to raise maintenance requests that are fed directly into Qube PM Maintenance Management.

  • Set up a ‘Notice Board’ containing property, block or estate information – and update directly from within the main system.

  • Utilise industry-standard security methods to safeguard access, transactions and payments.

  • Share documents of your choosing to answer queries that might otherwise come through via phone, email or in person.

Further enhance your customer service by creating online communities within your residential properties and developments

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