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Why is effective property management technology so important? Simply put, the pressure on property managers and landlords has never been greater. Whatever the portfolio or the profile of customer you serve, your stakeholders now want instant access to accurate, real-time, easy-to-digest information – and they require the capability to then drill further into the detail. Innovative technology can give you the platform to meet and exceed these expectations, while enabling you to keep tight control of your day-to-day business processes, financial obligations and legislative requirements. You need the freedom to build a technology stack that works for your business.

Gain advantage with an advanced Property Management Software Platform

Create efficiencies

Adopt tech proven throughout the industry to reduce manual intervention, freeing up your team of experts to do what they do best.

Maximise your income

Utilise renowned rent and service charge collection functionality, and generate revenue from added value services offered to residents and tenants.

Achieve compliance

Rely on software that supports you with industry and accounting regulations, helps reduce your risks and meet audit requirements.

Gain peace of mind

Have confidence in a fully secure SaaS solution, hosted in our high-standard, state-of-the-art data centre facilities.

Property management software


  • Produce and manage one set of data across your business, preventing duplication and inaccuracies and enabling the highest levels of collaboration.

  • Access every piece of data and documentation on your portfolio, and rely on intelligent structures to drill into the levels of detail you require.

  • Adopt easy-to-use, attractive software with a modern user interface and intuitive dashboards that are configured for all user types.

  • Improve your service with a range of tools to keep tenants, residents, owners, suppliers and staff aware of issues, progress and outcomes.

  • Achieve total mobility in your operations, with a range of apps and web-enabled mobile solutions.

  • Utilise portals to simplify and empower communication with customers, promote better relationships and build communities.

[Roundtable] The changing role of the modern property manager

Hear from leading real estate industry experts as they discuss trends in the industry, exploring the ways property managers are driving change and shaping the future. The panel discusses current challenges, and how technology, automation and digital communication can power ongoing success.

Who uses the software?

Flexible solutions, trusted across a wide range of portfolios and leasing structures


Property Owners

Get full visibility into your portfolio in order to inform strategic decision-making, then action your plans to maximise performance.

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