Legacy Homelessness

Meet statutory requirements

Legacy Homelessness (formerly LAM) has been launched specifically to address the MHCLG statutory requirement to report on legacy cases by July 2019 through H-CLIC, which will make P1E reporting redundant.

It offers full case management support for legacy cases, including all the features of MRI Homelessness Reduction tailored to the pre-HRA legislation.

Key features

  • Complete case triage, assessment and checklists

  • Full case decision management

  • Customer portal support for legacy cases

  • Integration with the Housing Jigsaw accommodation database

  • Ability to generate letters, upload documents and add actions/notes/meetings

  • Ability to assign cases, record reviews and add TA placements

  • Ability to import legacy case data that adheres to our schema

  • Transfer of legacy cases in H-CLIC format

  • Personalised Housing Plan for legacy cases (renamed as “move on plan”)

  • Case management functionality for legacy cases

  • Third party user access and case access

  • Full reporting suite on legacy cases

  • Dashboard widgets for legacy cases

MRI Legacy Homelessness

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