Accommodation Rent Accounting

Manage arrears before they grow

MRI Accommodation Rent Accounting allows housing teams to efficiently place people into the most suitable temporary accommodation and keep track of expenditure, the client’s movements and their financial obligations for housing, giving transparency to both the licence and internally of rent arrears, whilst reducing the administration costs and debt owed.

Key features

  • Imports payments from housing benefits and direct payments from customers

  • View details of the temporary accommodation including schools, amenities, suitability, available facilities and total rooms

  • History of placements in individual accommodation

  • Rent statement can be pushed to the customer portal or sent automatically via email or post

  • Range of editable email and letter templates, as well as legal documents and notices

  • Check stop codes on accounts

  • Attach inventories to accommodation

  • History of licence placements/addresses

  • Advanced reporting & analytics included

  • Officer dashboard highlights real-time status with alerts and actions

  • Details of TA contract expiry plus health & safety certificate expiration

  • Inbuilt virus scanning; SaaS solution; access from any location

  • Integrates with MRI's Housing Jigsaw suite

MRI Accommodation Rent Accounting

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