Horizon Retail Property Management

As a retail property owner or manager, you specialise in creating an environment that encourages success for your tenants and maximises your income streams. To do this, you need retail management software that supports your business strategy.

MRI Horizon (formerly Qube Horizon) is used by leading investors in the market to fully understand tenant mixes, footfall analysis, sales trends, and centre performance.

  • Take advantage of the complete property and facilities management tool. Horizon is designed to take responsibility for all aspects of your property and facilities management requirements.

  • Effectively manage speciality leases. Horizon is able to calculate and bill for commercialisations such as mixed use space and short-term lease arrangements.

  • Integrate with existing systems. Horizon integrates with existing third party systems like EPoS and BMS to create a central location for all your retail information.

  • Always select the most appropriate tenants. Horizon tracks and manages each stage within the pre-leasing process, ensuring an approach aimed at selecting the most suitable and appropriate tenant.

  • Drive footfall to empty parts of your mall. Horizon can act as a repository for footfall data, recording details of traffic at all levels of the centre. This is used to drive performance reporting – is a specific tenant or store’s poor rental performance due to the fact that low traffic flows into the unit?

  • Identify your strongest and weakest performing tenants. Horizon captures store sales information. Where this is used to generate rents, Horizon automatically calculates and invoices even the most complex of percentage rent based leases. More importantly, it can be used to identify which units are performing well to drive important management decisions.

  • Compare trends over time. Current and past data can be captured for trend analysis and future forecasting.

  • Ensure your retail property is 100% occupied, 100% of the time. Horizon allows the centre tenant mix to be displayed interactively on the floor plate of the mall, without any manual intervention. Users can drill into the plan to see full details regarding performance of each unit and lease expiration information on each location.

  • Get the insight you need to drive effective strategic decision making. Interactive reports to capture and analyse visitor data, sales data and tenant or unit data to ensure effective decision making.

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