Service Charges

Horizon CRE can aid the reconciliation of year end balancing service charge demands from the landlord against actuals and budgets to ensure that you are not over paying for your services.

Property Taxes

If you are liable for property taxes to the local taxation authorities, then these can be recorded and automatically notified for payment to the corporate accounting system.

Sales turnover rents

Records information to allow you to automatically report and make payments based upon percentage of your sales turnover.

Potential space savings

Compare metrics against actuals to highlight potential savings on your occupied space. For instance, heat maps can be generated to track the effectiveness of space utilisation.

Exert tight control over your costs

MRI Horizon CRE incorporates wide ranging functionality to ensure you generate the most benefit from your estate while tightly controlling costs.

Using Horizon CRE, you can ensure rents and other property charges are paid accurately, including sales turnover rents for retail leases. In addition, it enables you to identify the costs of space usage and vacancy to highlight potential cost savings.

Our solution contains a sophisticated automated lease payment requesting system. As Horizon CRE knows your lease terms, it notes when actual payments are due for rent.

The system will generate automatic payment requests which can be approved and automatically routed through to any corporate accounting system for actual payment or invoice matching purposes.

Specifically designed for retailers, Horizon CRE contains the business processes required by tenants to pay their landlords rents based upon their sales turnover.

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