Over the last 24 months, the sector has experienced accelerated digitisation like never before. Hybrid working of is here to stay which means a change of habits in the way we work and interact with each other. As housing providers continue to refine hybrid working models to suit their organisations, employees and residents, IT teams are challenged with identifying and deploying the right solutions to effectively digitise and go truly paperless.

Government energy efficiency targets is raising ‘green’ to the top of the agenda, so now is the time to think and act on strategies for going paperless. MRI can help with digital, open and connected solutions throughout every process, every interaction and every stage.

If you are looking to create paperless tenancies, or overcome remote access issues to documentation, we have a solution to get you on the road to a paperless way of working.

On the road to a paperless way of working - Document Management

Document Management

Digitally store and access documents, in a secure and compliant way. Applies to all your documents, across all systems. So no more headaches of trying to find data in a filing cabinet someplace, it will only be a click away.

On the road to a paperless way of working - Secure Sign

Secure Sign

Manage your signed documents digitally without worrying about printing, scanning, or security. Useful across multiple departments for internal use as well as with your residents. Apply digital signatures to the on-boarding and tenancy process – no need for that pen or paper!


On the road to a paperless way of working - Digital & Self-service

Digital & Self-service

Minimise the cost and effort of mailing letters with text messaging, WhatsApp and customers portals. Methods which are proven to deliver a better response from customers, rather than those letters being ignored.

On the road to a paperless way of working - Mobile


Allow field-based teams to digitise the data collected with residents and across communities, linking it back to your back-office systems, to ensure there is no data-entry duplication.

On the road to a paperless way of working - Cloud


To support a hybrid workforce, ensuring all your data and systems are accessible from anywhere is a true digital transformation goal. With new work-from-home policies, a Cloud platform helps to ensure security, compliance and network stability.

On the road to a paperless way of working - Workplace Management

Workplace Management

Digitise your workplace – with employee and visitor touchless sign-in, desk-booking management and space planning. At any given time, know who is on-site so you can optimise facilities and workplace provisions.


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