Webinar September 23, 2021

[Spotlight] Qube PM: Take uncertainty out of the equation with innovative valuation functionality

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  • Webinar
  • September 23, 2021
  • 2PM BST
  • Free
  • Online

Join us for the latest in a series of short, informative online sessions showcasing various aspects of the Qube PM solution and its wider technology ecosystem.

Making important decisions on your portfolios is never easy, especially in today’s volatile market.

But imagine a world where you’re fully confident in data accuracy, with the ability to plan and adapt quickly for every scenario.

It’s already here – and you too can join the real estate visionaries using powerful valuation capabilities within their Qube PM systems to remove uncertainty for their decision-making.

In this free to join spotlight webinar, our experts will explore the new and innovative valuation functionality for Qube PM, the UK and Ireland’s most popular property management platform.

This session will introduce our powerful valuation technology for Qube PM, including:

  • The challenges your real estate business faces, including data starved decision-making
  • Why valuation functionality within your Qube PM system could provide the answer
  • How early adopters are performing fast, accurate commercial property valuations
  • Celebrate their success stories and the transformation they have undergone
  • Explore what valuation capabilities could mean for your business
  • Our vision for valuation technology, including its expansion for residential portfolios

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