Industry Event April 19-22, 2021

RICS Global Valuation Conference 2021

  • Industry Event
  • April 19-22, 2021
  • 09:00 - 12:00
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  • Virtual

Integrating vision and value – a new era for valuation

An estimated 70% of global wealth is held in land and property assets (RICS, 2021), meaning valuations are arguably more important for investment in real estate than any other major asset class.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic incited extraordinary uncertainty across global markets, regeneration is on the horizon. With 2021 Global GDP growth forecast to be the fastest in 40 years (Oxford Economics, 2021) and real estate funds targeting almost $300 billion of investments, the valuation profession can emerge with new momentum.

Aimed at over 30,000 valuation professionals, including 17,000 registered valuers across over 100 countries, this global conference analyses and envisages the new era of valuation.

With world-leading content and speakers presenting key global and local content, this is an opportunity for valuers to collaborate as the profession drives through change and prepares for a new future.

We are thrilled that our very own Arik Kogan, Vice President of Finance & Investment Solutions, will be taking part in a global panel discussion:

The value of virtual – the time for technology? Tuesday 20th April, 09:10 GMT
Technology can improve and speed up the valuation process, but is it a case of addition or replacement? How will developments in software, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, support tools and automated valuation models (AVMs) impact the future role of the valuer? Do benefits outweigh the associated risks and concerns?

The global event runs across the UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific on consecutive half days:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa – 19 & 20 April
  • Americas – 19 & 20 April
  • Asia Pacific – 21 & 22 April

You can also catch us at our virtual event booth where our team will be on hand for conversations with downloadable information you can takeaway and share.

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