Webinar October 19, 2021

Efficiently identify & recover costs associated with void periods during the service charge year

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  • Webinar
  • October 19, 2021
  • 2pm BST
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Identifying and calculating costs associated with Service Charge void/vacant periods can be complex, time consuming and ultimately result in a lack of cash availability to pay expenditure. Recovering those costs in an efficient way from the landlord can also be time consuming if not completed in line with best practice advice.

In this upcoming Qube PM Spotlight, solution expert Jeremy Flowers will showcase how you can leverage standard functionality within the Qube PM solution to make this process more efficient and demonstrate how a flexible approach can provide genuine benefit.

This webinar has been designed as a bitesize version of the full two-day (split over four half days) open service charge course. If you would like further details around what’s covered, upcoming dates, and related costs, click here.

The 20-minute session will cover:

  • Producing a report to show Service Charge void/vacant periods
  • Understanding the purpose of the residual tenant
  • Billing the landlord/client for void charges

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