Data Integrity & Configuration Audit

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What is it?

The Data Integrity & Configuration Audit package provides MRI Software clients the opportunity to identify and analyse both enhancement items within their database, and possible data integrity issues. This is achieved by MRI consultants running a series of pre-determined scripts to extract relevant information which is delivered back to the client in an Excel workbook. This provides a detailed analysis of the status of the database in these areas and MRI can also, as a separate out-of-scope exercise on a time-and-materials basis, provide recommendations for better future management and use of the client’s MRI system. This package is particularly beneficial for clients that have used MRI for an extended period and may have numerous development enhancements to their databases.

What’s included in this package?

  • MRI remotely runs pre-determined scripts to extract details of enhancements from the database and results of a series of data integrity tests
  • MRI collates the results into spreadsheet outputs with summary information and detailed tabs of each type of enhancement or data integrity test
  • MRI delivers output to the client for a detailed analysis assessment

Breakdown of Configuration Audit Analysis includes:

  • Tables
  • Fields
  • Windows Views & Menus
  • Reports
  • Web Activity Group Pages
  • Pictures
  • SQL Stored Procedures
  • SQL Trigger
  • SQL UDF’s
  • SQL Views
  • Queries
  • Replacement Views
  • Linked Sub Views
  • System Catalog Fields
  • Plato Reports
  • Enhancement Programs
  • Enhancement APIs
  • Encryption

Breakdown of Data Integrity Analysis includes:

Summary and detailed results of 49 pre-defined data integrity tests including:

  • Commercial Management Transactions Out Of Balance
  • Duplicate Master Occupant IDs
  • Specific journal entries out of balance
  • Tenant Accounts Out Of Balance
  • Incorrect Paid Amount On Invoices
How long does it take?

Approximate time to run the process and create the deliverable output is estimated at 7.5 hours (one day)

How much does it cost?

The cost of this package is 1000 GBP (excl. VAT)

Further related services offered by MRI (as a separate time-and-materials project)

If required, MRI consultants can evaluate the results and provide documented feedback and recommendations around the future management of databases, for example:

  • Removal of duplicate reports
  • Removal of unused elements (e.g. screens, tables and fields)
  • Assess whether some enhancement is now available in the core product or MRI MAX
  • Possible data cleansing
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