As part of our commitment to provide you with the best possible service and experience, MRI Software recommends that you appoint Administrators and Designated Support Contacts (DSCs) for your account.

The Administrators will be the primary contact for the account, and the DSCs the primary points of contact for Client Support, Professional Services and Cloud communications such as critical updates, maintenance notifications and product release information. DSCs will also have additional privileges via the myMRI Client Portal, including being able to review, add and remove contacts for your business on an ongoing basis.

All of your users can register to use the portal and access learning materials and resources, but typically it is only your DSCs who can raise Support requests.

To appoint Administrator/DSC users for your organisation, please complete all details on the form and submit. We recommend that one person is appointed as both an Administrator and a DSC.

Please note: Once appointed, only the Administrator can add or change DSCs as they are the primary contact for the account.

The myMRI Client Portal

As a reminder, the myMRI Client Portal provides a 24/7 self-service tool for a range of support activities and materials, including:

  • Raise Support cases and Services requests
  • See case activity at a glance
  • Access a knowledgebase of articles, videos and documentation
  • Explore product release notes
  • Ask questions of our chatbot, Leo!

The resources available also provide an opportunity for you to discover best-practice processes for your MRI products, which can give you quick wins and ultimately help you in your quest for improving efficiency, accuracy and consistency in your business.