The world of property management is changing. Whether you’re an international property fund, a commercial property manager or a small residential agency; tenants, leaseholders, residents, staff and ownership structures expect more from you.

Stakeholders want instant access to easy-to-digest property information, yet also require the capability to drill further into detail. The digitisation of the industry means you need an innovative property management solution, from a proven provider – one that keeps you ahead and delivers the best customer service.

We have a portfolio of solutions for every property management discipline, including owners, occupiers or managers, and in the last 47 years we have enabled some of the leading names in the industry to grow from small enterprises to national and international brands. Real estate investments managed by MRI Software are proven to grow significantly faster than the market average, and today our innovations are still helping companies to develop at a pace that beats their competition.

  • Best-in-class real estate management functionality and insight for maximum income performance
  • Complete visibility for efficient collaboration around a central view of asset performance
  • Better portfolio decision making for a positive impact on yield, ROI and asset liquidity

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