The benefits of CMMS for cost effective property management

The property management business is highly competitive. To survive, let alone thrive, a property management company must adapt to a growing property industry. This is the case on both the residential and commercial sides of the business.

A growing property inventory is representative of a management company that is successful and keeping pace with the competition. While that is all well and good, increasing property inventory also means that a management firm has more to deal with when it comes to maintenance issues. MRI and its property management CMMS provides the perfect resource for a firm with an increasing property inventory.

Enhanced tenant experience and satisfaction

The stark reality of relations between tenants and a property management company is that they are fickle. A single maintenance issue has the ready potential of throwing everything off the rails. A real maintenance issue can prove to be highly frustrating for a tenant. The situation only becomes more aggravated when a property management company lacks the most efficient, effective system in place to appropriately respond to an issue.

For Property Management CMMS, managers and tenants alike can be assured that whenever a maintenance issue does arise, it will be addressed competently and in a timely manner. The software streamlines the entire process in a way that appeases both the tenant and management, from the moment a maintenance request is submitted until the work is completed.

Time and again, when a tenant is asked to rank the most important issues when leasing either residential or commercial property, prompt maintenance assistance is always near or at the top of the list. Understanding this reality, when a tenant’s maintenance issues are timely and properly addressed, that renter will be increasingly satisfied with his or her overall experience with the premises.

Efficient use of labour and increased productivity

A common problem that residential and commercial property management companies encounter is the inefficient use of workers or contractors on the maintenance team. There are two major negative consequences associated with the inefficient use of maintenance labour.

First, inefficiency costs money. In these uncertain economic times any type of business, including a property management company, must always be on the lookout for unnecessary costs. This includes looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity regarding maintenance matters.

CMMS for property managers is the prime tool for making the maintenance department and maintenance tasks more efficient and productive. In addition, the comprehensive nature of a CMMS ensures that the maintenance team is best able to keep being productive on a consistent basis.

Second, increased efficiency and productivity via the use of a CMMS ensures that tenant needs are addressed in a timely and accurate manner. The maintenance team knows precisely what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and which tools and supplies are needed to accomplish the task.

Reduced maintenance downtime

The use of property management CMMS directly contributes to a sharp reduction in maintenance-related downtime. This important reduction in downtime occurs on two fronts.

First, when a maintenance issues comes up at rental property, it is usually because something has become unusable on the premises. For example, when something goes amiss with the HVAC system, a tenant is likely to be unable to use the heating or cooling element of the system. Even minimal downtime can prove to be highly problematic and negatively affect tenant relations in many situations.

Second, the use of CMMS for property management reduces downtime associated with the maintenance team itself. For example, because CMMS proactively tracks supplies and inventory, maintenance team downtime can be reduced or even avoided altogether. No one is left waiting for supply fulfilment to begin work on a project; instead supplies are actively maintained on a regular basis.

User-friendly interface and intuitive operations

One complaint that is often heard about some CMMS applications is that they are challenging to use. Another of the key benefits associated with CMMS products is found in their extremely user-friendly interfaces. A property management company, and its team, can access and use the various solutions contained in a comprehensive CMMS application with ease.

The simple fact is that the more user friendly a CMMS application is, the more often it will be used. Indeed, if CMMS software is being introduced for the first time, it will gain quick, more immediate acceptance within a property management company if it is simple to use. The value of rapid acceptance of a new software solution due to the ease of implementation simply cannot be understated.

Task tracking and verification

A problem that is endemic to the property management business is the issuance of a maintenance assignment without suitable tracking, verification, and follow-up tools. In other words, a job assignment is made and company management has no way to track its status only to eventually lose track of it.

With CMMS software for property management, a maintenance job remains on the radar of all key personnel from the moment it is created until it has been properly completed. In simple terms, this type of end-to-end tracking makes life far easier for property management firms and tenants alike.

Thanks to the comprehensive nature of MRI’s property management CMMS, all aspects of maintenance tasks become smoother, easier, more cost-effective operations.

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