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People say siloed data and fragmented digital solutions will soon be a thing of the past. They’re wrong – that reality is already here. You can see it in everyday life. It’s no longer a novelty that you can connect together your social media platforms, or that two health tracking apps can talk to each other and share data. Theseand hundreds… thousands of similar examples, are basic expectations of the tech we use (constantly, if you’re anything like me). The demands we make of our business systems should be no less – especially as the lines between home and work become increasingly blurred.  

The need for integrated tech, for a single software experience across applications – even between multiple providers – is a concept we’ve been leading in the agency market for many years. As is the critical need for mobile capabilities and complete flexibility in an environment that is fast-paced and ever-changing. Indeed, we were the first to deliver live, two-way integrations between proptech products in the sales and lettings space, and we continue to invest significant time, resources and expertise to widen and strengthen our ecosystem. 

But we know talk is cheap, and that actions speak louder. You’ll hear many residential agency CRM tech providers wax lyrical about their integration offerings. While others have been making noise, we’ve been busy making progress.  

Agency Home – your gateway to the market’s leading solutions 

Imagine a world where the tech you need to do your job is available from one easy-access location, like apps on a smart phone. Where you log in once and move freely between different programmes as if they are one. How about if the changes you make in one of those apps updates relevant data in real-time across the whole suite, wherever you are based? Put simply – a platform that lets you focus on your day-to-day while tech does its thing. Put even more simply – tech that lets you concentrate on making money! Our new Agency Home concept brings this vision to life. 

Brand-new, with no cost and available right now for our MRI Sales & Lettings solution*, Agency Home is a landing page that provides easy access to your main CRM system and complementary applications. Powered by our innovative Application Gateway technology, it’s also customisable – so from one central location you can add links to your most-used websites or other online favourites. Go a little deeper under the hood, and the products featured across Agency Home are deep linked. In real terms, that means viewings you book through a portal are immediately brought into your centralised calendar, or a maintenance request raised by a tenant utilises cross-product workflow to automatically flow from client-facing apps to back-office operational systems. And that’s just scratching the surface. It’s efficiency, it ease-of-use, it’s connected.  

Integrations for sales and lettings available today 

Of course, Agency Home is the framework – but what of the filling? Many will say they integrate, far fewer can actually demonstrate it. Available to MRI’s agency CRM users today are more than 50 integrations with specialist providers in the industry across marketing, tenancy agreements, referencing, communications, property management and many more. And if those 50 aren’t enough, we are open, ready and able to connect with the specialist providers and applications you are using to run your business.  

There are certainly challenges ahead for sales and lettings agents as we navigate through and past the COVID-19 pandemic. In a world where customer demand is only increasing, where flexible working is here to stay, and where we need to constantly find ways of doing more with less, one obstacle you should never need to overcome is your software solutions not playing nicely together. We believe it, we are saying it and – most importantly – we are living it through our tech. How many others can say the same? 

Learn more about our Sales & Lettings solution here, and get in touch with our tech experts to find out how you can leverage Agency Home and our connected ecosystem to help your agency grow and succeed.  

* To benefit from the new Agency Home you need to be running the latest version of MRI Sales and Lettings. 


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