Business intelligence reporting is crucial to successful planning, reporting and strategising. We all rely heavily on data to understand, analyse and evaluate performance, and to make critical business decisions. But, often, challenges emerge, especially with the sheer volume of data we now have to try and navigate.

Tasks such as extracting and correlating data from multiple systems, centralising the calculation of key metrics and presenting data to end users in a way that is understandable, from one source of truth, is now a necessity.

Why us?

There is an abundance of accessible report writing resource in the market. But, it’s worth noting that contractors and external  providers often lack the Horizon knowledge that’s paramount for your organisation. We found that 60% of the effort involved in report writing lays in translating business requirements into Horizon schema terms, and the remainder is related to generic report-writing skills. In addition to this, we have direct access to the database which ensures speed and efficiency. Plus, the reports written by our team are supported when you upgrade to future versions of Horizon. Reports written by contractors are not maintained.

In short, we can do the number crunching for you so that you can do what you were hired to do: manage the assets, the tenants, the funding, the investors… the business.

What we can offer

Below are just some of the BI reporting examples we have completed for our clients:

  • Easy-to-understand graphical reports that serve as key decision-making tools
  • Reports with heavily customised logic and calculations, constructed to be appropriate for the set of accounting rules applicable to your business (e.g. Straight Lining Report)
  • Small enhancements that improve the user experience, such as predictive text search functionality in the report parameters

We also use the proprietary tool embedded within Horizon to build Home Hubs which provide a central point to view key performance indicators regarding your portfolio, and offer a fast and easy method of reporting on stats regarding your day-to-day role.

Our team, your advantage

With 35+ years of report building and data analysis experience, our team has an in-depth understanding of the underlying MRI Horizon database structure and Horizon processes – the main drivers behind report logic.

  1. High competency in producing reporting solutions based on Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  2. Excellent understanding of algorithms, formulas and data structures
  3. Gathering requirements from finance users and other departments to implement BI solutions end-to-end
  4. Strong visual design skills used to design and build easily consumable reports and dashboards

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