Horizon Accounts Payable Audit

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What is it?

The Horizon Accounts Payable Audit package provides MRI Software clients the opportunity to review their accounts payable processes within the Horizon Application in order to identify where any improvements can be made. This is achieved by the MRI consultant reviewing the processes on-site or over videoconference (whichever is most convenient) with key users of the relevant business processes. The MRI consultant will provide documentation of suggested areas of improvements, which ideally will be using the existing functionality in different ways but may include version upgrades or taking on new functionality. The audit will be on a fixed price basis of half-day review with client and half-day report production. It may not be possible to cover the entire agenda in the time available, i.e. due to the complexity of the client’s business, in which case MRI will make follow-up recommendations in the resulting report.

What’s included in this package?

  • Review of the following processes with client:
    • How are invoices entered onto Horizon
    • How are invoices coded
    • What is the authorisation process
    • Where are invoice documents saved
    • What is the payment selection process
    • What is the payment authorisation process
    • What happens once an invoice is output for payment
    • Is enough segregation of duties in place
  • Review of functionality / usability with client:
    • Invoice Scanning
    • Automated BACS File vs Manual BACS File
    • VAT Reporting with scanned Invoices
    • Distribution Upload Interface
    • Default Distributions
    • Pre-Defined Filters
    • Reports
    • Detail Enquiries
    • Alerts
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