Online Invoice Approval does a great job of automating the approvals process. You can send notifications in bulk, reminders with the click of a button, the tracking is all done for you, and the invoice just goes straight to the payment queue once approved.
Robert Crosbie


Cloud-based property management is the future of property management, strongly recommend. I am so glad I made the switch - It is just getting better and better.
Katie Liqin Yu


Transactions are done in minutes. I believe the trust accounting side of the software, as a business owner and senior property manager, is unparalleled.
Mark Shorrock
Absolutely love this app! Tenants no longer have to call or send emails to request documents as it’s all at their fingertips.
I would describe their product as the Uber for property maintenance. We have 45,000 retail customers and we want to be able to give them some productivity tools so that they can manage their retail shop and easily communicate when they have issues.
Aidan Coleman

Former CTO

Investment Management has enabled us to quickly see a more sophisticated, aggregated view of our entire portfolio. It sets us up to scale instead of trying to patch things together with other solutions.
Julie McMillan

Vice President, Finance & Strategy

The implementation of Horizon Real Estate solutions helped us to improve financial management of our let property, provide a better service to our tenants, improve management information and make our property related processes more efficient
We needed a straightforward, easy to maintain system that would be simple to administer and would control costs. The team had a blue sky vision of what those objectives were. These objectives were ranked in importance and mapped to solutions in the market with OpenAccounts becoming a clear winner.
Martin Temple

Finance Operations Manager

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