eSight has enabled us to visualise and measure our utility usage against production in a way which was not previously possible; the benefits of integrating eSight into our process have been invaluable.
Paul Harris & Gary Parker

Site Energy Centre Manager & Continuous Improvement Manager

Both Operations Managers and other systems users are seeing the huge potential in this collection of company data, and the sensibility of combining what was previously multiple systems and processes into one manageable platform.
MRI Evolution was ultimately selected due to Joss Group's need for a mobile application to fulfil the needs of these contracts. None of the four competing vendors could offer an application that matched Evolution GO in this department.
The project team analysed the feedback from the demonstration of three off-the-shelf CAFM systems and MRI Evolution stood out with its ability to support the new FM model and futureproof our business.
I fully believe we've won contracts by having MRI Evolution in place.
A long time user of MRI Box & Dice from the original start up and have nothing but great results from using this CRM over many years. Many additions and improvements over the years has made this system an integral part of my business and a way to communicate to my clients that I could not do without.
Darren Ide
Everything they said they were going to do to make this experience a great one they did and more. It truly is the most innovative and leading CRM and prospecting tool of its kind. A great step forward for your business and the right-minded team to help you get there.
Grace Borg
Deep partnerships are created through years of positive association and co-operation and through this trust and respect is created. This is the cornerstone of our association with MRI Box & Dice, who have, over the last 13 years been a consistent support to our membership. We look forward to the future together and have great faith in MRI Box & Dice leading the cutting edge changes required in this fast moving industry.
Paul Davies


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