occupier and lessee solutions

Leveraging five decades of expertise to help organisations manage their leases and workplaces

We understand that businesses are unique, and each has its own set of priorities and objectives. With several years’ experience supporting tenants and leasing teams, we’re also acutely aware of the challenges you face – and the development of our solutions has been driven to help you meet, overcome and succeed. Whatever your structure or sector, we have the deep domain knowledge and innovative technology to serve your needs. Our solutions are used worldwide to support organisations to run their occupied real estate in retail, office, government, logistics, education and healthcare, and to manage lease portfolios including property, equipment, vehicle fleets, telecoms and aviation.


Widely adopted solutions to help meet IASB, FASB and AASB lease accounting requirements.


A centralised database for one source of truth across a mix of leases, properties and assets.


Meeting latest industry standards for our software applications and world-class hosted environment.

An end-to-end suite of software and services

Our comprehensive set of solutions enables efficiency, accuracy and visibility for property and accounting teams. It also facilitates information being visualised and shared with your wider organisation for enhanced decision-making and strategic planning.