Whiteboard Wednesday – Commercial Overview: Intro

MRI Commercial Management Overview

In today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Andy begins his series on the MRI Software Commercial Suite, showcasing how MRI’s powerful solutions assist not only the attraction and leasing of prospective tenants, but provides full management, reporting, and analytics tools to optimize your business.


Video Transcription

Andy Welkley: Hey, Andy Welkley here with another edition of Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m really excited today to kick off a six-part series of Whiteboard Wednesdays where we’re going to dive into several different aspects of commercial property management. As you can see on the board behind me, we’ve broken it up into a few different categories and organized those into two main themes.

The first is, talking about how you engage your tenants from the beginning of the lease process all the way through the renewal and every step in-between. Then we’re going to talk about how you run your business, the back office, and how you operate it, how you look at the business from an analytical perspective, how you talk about how you control different aspects of your business. All those things are going to be rolled into the topics we’re covering over the next six weeks.

We’re really excited to do this because the time for being an absentee landlord is over. You need the visibility into your business processes and into your tenants’ business just as they need to see how you’re owning and operating the facilities they use. Stay tuned over the next six weeks. We’re really excited to see you and stick with us for that series of Whiteboard Wednesdays.

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